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Offering the Finest Quality & Value at the Correct Price for Today's Art Market

There are many nuances to collecting rare prints and some websites may present incomplete or misleading information. Different editions of prints can appear to be similar, and of course, condition and quality vary tremendously, so it is important to assess the overall quality and value when purchasing an antique print. Celebrating over 45 years in business, Joel Oppenheimer, Inc. strives to provide our clients with the finest quality and value at the correct prices for today's art market.

Also, as conservators of works of art, we know exactly how to care for rare antique prints.  All of our prints include any conservation work required to assure that your acquisition is archivally stable and will last for generations when cared for properly.  When you purchase a print, there are several factors to consider in determining value:

  • Correct Pricing: Please note that we do not use the word competitive. We continually monitor the market for antique natural history works to assess the value of our prints. In some cases our prices may be slightly higher than what you see on other websites or at auction. However, when you purchase a print from us, you receive a great deal more than what our competitors offer. When purchasing a collectible work of art, determining its overall value should drive your decision.
  • Our Print Pricing Includes Art Conservation and Archival Matting: Our conservators carefully evaluate every print we sell. Any conservation or restoration required is performed. In addition, you will receive your print in an acid-free 100% ragboard mat. This represents a substantial added value to your print that is included in the purchase price, and the peace of mind that your print is in optimal condition.
  • High Quality and Unmatched Selection: We offer an unmatched selection of high quality prints by the most significant artists of the golden age of natural history art. Our staff can discuss the print with you in detail, which edition it is from, and other important aspects that define the print you have selected.
  • Our Guarantee: All of our prints are guaranteed to be archivally stable. You have 30 days to return a print to us for a full refund for any reason. We request that we receive the print in the same condition it was sent, and you are responsible for return shipping costs.
We invite you to comb the internet to compare our prints to those you might find elsewhere. After completing your research, we believe you will want to email us or pick up the phone and call us. As specialists devoted to the antique natural history art genre, our expert staff is here to assist you with your art purchase and we welcome any questions.